Santa Cruz Dental Reviews and Patient Testimonials

At Gayane Mooradian, DDS we go above and beyond for our patients. Below are some of the dental reviews provided by patients of our Santa Cruz, CA dental office. Please contact our dental office if you have a testimonial you would like to share with our patients and website visitors. We would love to hear from you!

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I will never go to another dentist, she is the best and I'm glad I found her! Several years ago I was looking for a new dentist, I found one in Santa Cruz, Dr. Gayane Mooradian. She took my insurance Deltacare USA. Of course like most, going to the dentist was one of the least favorite things to do. I needed a lot of work done on my teeth. To my surprise I had the most pleasant experience. I had brought my x-rays in from my previous dentist and Dr. Mooradian explained to me what needed to be done: crowns, bridges, fillings, etc.. From the moment I sat in the chair to the time I left I was so comfortable. Dr. Mooradian tells you as she is working on your teeth the procedures she is doing. I never felt a shot or anything. The work she does is great. I am 55 years old and I have been to several dentists.

Judy Busser 2010

Dr. Mooradian has been my dentist for over 10 years and I'm very happy with the service I received. The first time I saw her she discovered some problems my previous dentist had missed. Since then she's replaced all my silver fillings with white ones and never had any problems. Her staff is great as well and her prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.

William Allen 2010

Excellent service and very kind and helpful dentist. I would send any of my family to her.

Susan Turner 2010

I have been going to Dr. Mooradian for over three years. She is very pleasant and has a great chairside manner. She explained in detail what she was about to do. I felt very confident in her office. Great dentist. I refer all my friends to her.

Elisa Alcon 2010

Great dentist. My family and I moved here two years ago from Southern California and we needed a new dentist. I found Dr. Mooradian because she is located in a central Santa Cruz area that is easily accessible and convenient. She also takes many kinds of insurances that other dentists complain about. She has a friendly and helpful office staff. I went in for a routine exam that was thorough and efficient. Dr. Mooradian repaired a cracked tooth that was causing me pain and temperature sensitivity. After the repair which was completed painlessly and with great care, I am now free of any problems with that tooth. The last two dentists couldn't even diagnose a problem which was very frustrating. She is also a great "kid dentist". My daughter was able to watch cartoons while getting her cleaning. I am very pleased with Dr. Mooradian and her entire staff. I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so.

Jennifer Casey 2010

I recently moved to Santa Cruz less than 3 years ago, and I have needed a lot of dental work in a very short period of time. Dr. Mooradian is as fine as they come. Her office was clean and beautifully decorated, in a great location and the staff as friendly as it gets. She helped me work through all the insurance and necessary information easily and thoroughly. Out of everyone I've seen in Santa Cruz, she is definitely and A+ dentist while many others fell short even with beaming reviews. The staff went over and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I was seen far quicker than any other office I've been to in Santa Cruz (three different offices in one year). She was gentle and professional and I would even recommend her for kids. (I work as a nanny).

Lucy Deleon 2010

The office location was very easy to find and convenient, centrally located near Downtown Santa Cruz. After filling out paperwork I only had to wait about five minutes before being seen.The staff was very friendly. Dr. Mooradian performed an exam and cleaning on me. She was very gentle and informational answering all of my questions. It was a great dental experience and I highly recommend her.

Kendra Ellis 2011

I have seen Dr. Mooradian several times and she has always been extremely professional and quite nice. She is courteous to her staff and other family members that also use her as their dentist. As far as interactions with the insurance companies, I have been witness to Delta insurance company jerking her around and it is not surprising that there may be some friction arising out of that more and more common trend. Doctors are people too, and their personalities are all different. Frankly, when I look for a medical professional, I am mostly concerned about their skills and treatment track record, not necessarily their constant and cheery disposition. For the most part, Dr. Mooradian has always shown me a good bedside mannner and we are very happy with her services.

Jess Johnson 2011

Dr. Mooradian DDS is a wonderful dentist. I was referred to her over 5 years ago and have been thrilled with my experience. After not going to the dentist for several years (cause I hated going!!) Dr. Mooradian had lots to do: old fillings, crowns put in badly or fit so bad my teeth hurt and basic keep up. I can say that I never think about going to the dentist now, every 6 months and I'm great! I've referred Dr. Mooradian to family and friends and they agree! Office is very kind and efficient-never behind.

Cathy LaTorre 2011

Dr. Mooradian's office was very clean and recently remodeled. Upon arrival I was greeted by a very nice receptionist and only had to wait a few minutes before my cleaning. The hygienist was very nice as well and the best part of the visit was the beautiful garden and fountain view through the tall glass windows while sitting in your chair. Very relaxing! Although the doctor was very busy that day, she made a point to come in and say hello to me doctor was very busy that day but made a point to come in and say hello to me and make sure that everything was going well. Upon leaving I was given a 10% cash discount since I lost my insurance over a year ago. I left with nice clean teeth and happy to have a wonderful dental office to go to. The doctor also left a voicemail letting me know that my x-rays looked fine and my teeth were in good shape! I recommend all of my friends to her and can't imagine going to anyone else.

David Avary 2011

I didn't see a dentist for a long time and need an emergency appointment to fix a broken crown. I called Dr. Mooradian's office and they were very quick to accomodate me. They found time for me the next day. Dr. Mooradian was very polite, compassionate & informational to the procedures needed to fix my tooth. She did a great job with no pain involved and gave me a 10% cash discount. She also repaired my father's denture when it fell on the floor and cracked in half. It fit perfectly afterwards and my father was very happy. Thank you Dr. Mooradian!!

Jesse Corona 2011

I have been going to Dr. Mooradian for 10 years, and for a good reason - GREAT DENTAL CARE! Dr. Mooradian does incredible dental work including a super job cleaning my teeth when her hygienist was out of town.

George Haye 2011

Over the years I have been to many dentists. Most have been okay, some have been horrid. Without question or reservation I can say that Dr. Mooradian is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. Her pain-free, quality work & meticulous attention to detail are a marvel. I highly recommend her.

Karen Waterman 2011

Though our patient-doctor relation has just started, her no-nonsense attitude in a short time has won over much of my initial distrust that I generally have towards dentists. With Dr. Mooradian's expert help and the help of her exceptionally friendly and committed staff, I look forward to getting all of my dental needs fully addressed. Up to date, I'm very pleased with the outcome of my treatment, how she talks me through each stage of the process and what my choices are. It's quite refreshing to the note the difference to some of my previous dental experiences!Thank you and your staff for doing such great work. Since then I am happy to report that Dr. Mooradian has done eight other crowns in my mouth and they all fit beautifully, with no problems whatsoever.

Witold Peikarski 2011

I came to Dr. Mooradian after my insurance changed after being with the same dentist for 15 years. I have found Dr. Mooradian to be a better dentist. I have had crooked front teeth my entire adult life. My former dentist had put caps on my teeth but they remained crooked. When the caps failed Dr. Mooradian replaced them. To my surprise when I looked in the mirror they were straight. They looked like I had braces on my teeth to correct the crooked teeth. Her prices and copays are very reasonable and fair. I am very happy to have Dr. Mooradian as my dentist. I recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist of quality. They will not be unhappy with Dr. Mooradian.

Carolyn Bigler 2011

After 20 years of dentalphobia I chose Dr. Mooradian to address my two decades of neglect. Her whole staff were patient, non-judgemental and understanding. Dr. Mooradian began a series of fillings and extracted a wisdom tooth in about 90 seconds! She also replaced my upper front two teeth with beautiful all ceramic crowns. They look so natural, no one can even tell. If you want a highly skilled, educated and experienced dentist call Dr. Mooradian!!

Penelope Brown 2011

Dr. Mooradian is an excellent dentist who does great work! I can recommend her most highly. She fixed my whole mouth with several crowns and fillings. No problems whatsoever, they all feel great!

David Keith 2011

I think the dental service here is great, never had a problem with her work or anything else for that matter. She replaced all of my silver fillings with tooth colored ones, and a few crowns. Zero hassle with insurance and zero waiting.....she does a fine job! I think she's great!!

Pat Cunningham 2011

Dr. Mooradian has been my dentist for nearly eleven years. Over this time, I have recommended family members and friends to her dental office. She is very skilled, incredibly knowledgeable and does great work. As a result, I have healthy teeth and gums. I feel confident that my entire dental health is being handled well by Dr. Mooradian and her office staff. And, this testimonial recommendation comes with the highest endorsement. I have very high professional standards for myself and others, Dr. Mooradian's dental office is truly worthy of my recommendation.

David Meyberg 2011

My name is Ruth Juhl, and I've lived in Aptos, Santa Cruz County for 29 years. I will be 87 next month. My big surprise was this morning when my dentist, Dr. Gayane Mooradian finished capping all of my lower teeth. They looked just like my Wedding picture in 1947. I recommend Dr. Mooradian highly. She is a perfectionist and very thorough. It is worth every cent, and more! I am so happy and satisfied with her work.

Ruth Juhl 2011

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr. Mooradian. All of my dental needs/issues/problems have been addressed as fast, if not faster, and more directly than any dentist I have ever had. I can't say enough about how much I truly appreciate a completely straight forward approach to dental needs has meant to me. Re: 7 root canals, at least that many cavities, crowns, x-rays, cleanings, the whole gamete, all in the last few years. Dr. Mooradian has never let me live in pain and once gave me her cell phone number ( I didn't use it), just in case! If you can appreciate a No Nonsense approach to Dentistry, I highly recommend you call Dr. Mooradian.

Gregg Sentierri 2011

If you want a dentist that is skilled, thorough and honest, Dr. Mooradian is the one for you. My whole family sees Dr. Mooradian and we've had everything from cleanings to fillings to crowns and root planings done. She's come through with flying colors. My husband will soon be having a large amount of dental work done, and he says she's the best dentist he's ever had (he should know, he's got bad teeth and has seen lots of dentists in his day). As to her bedside manner, she is kind and friendly. She is simply a very busy person trying to do a good job. She has never rushed through any of the work she's done for any of us. I'll say it again - we're VERY HAPPY with the care our teeth and mouths get. She's a dentist in Santa Cruz that takes Deltacare HMO and a talented one at that!

Diane Garrison 2011

My husband and I were clients at the same local, dental practice for years and we were distressed when my dental plan options changed upon my retirement. I began searching for another qualified dentist, and just by luck, I happened upon Dr. Gayane Mooradian's practice. I plan to remain a patient, as I am fully satisfied with her professional dental services, her skill and knowledge, and her upbeat attitude. Meanwhile, my husband decided to find his "own dentist" and unfortunately had a very negative and painful experience with the dentist of his choice. He finally concluded that he should try Dr. Mooradian's services since I was consistently reporting positive experiences with each dental appointment. This was a wise decision - one that he has not regretted. We're both looking forward to many years of excellence in dental care.
To husband, Dave: you should listen to your wife's advice more often.
To Dr. Mooradian: we're delighted to have found you, and plan to be your clients for years to come! Thank you Dr. Mooradian.

SharonLee Kermode 2011

Dr. Mooradian is an outstanding dentist!! From the shot that I never felt, to the drilling with no pain whatsoever. I never felt a thing. The front desk was beyond helpful and kind to me from the moment I called to schedule my appointment to the minute I walked in and when I left. The work I had done was very extensive. I had zero pain or stress on the teeth afterwards. I can't even tell that part of my tooth was worked on. I felt so relaxed while my teeth were being worked on, I had my eyes closed and just felt safe and confident in Dr. Mooradian.

David Hosack 2011

After a lifetime of anxiety, fear and just plain avoiding the dentist, I am happy to report that thanks to Dr. Mooradian and her wonderful staff, dental anxiety is a thing of the past! I've been a patient of Dr. Mooradian's for several years now and would never want to trust my teeth with anyone else again. Her front desk staff is caring and accomodating and her hygienists are thorough and great to work with.
I truly couldn't ask for better dental care.

George Gigardjian 2012

I love Dr. Mooradian! Previously I had nothing but problems with dentists, but not anymore. I have never had better service, and my teeth are in the best condition of my lifetime. I recommend her to everyone.

Teri Cunningham 2012

I highly recommend Dr. Gayane Mooradian DDS, affectionately called 'Dr M' for any dental service. My experience has always been positive in the many years she has cared for my dental health. She is very generous in her time and willingness to dicuss questions and implications of treatment. I have learned what it means to be a 'good client' by being clear in what I want and identifying what I do not understand. This relationship of trust provides me the best of care and best use of Dr M's service. We have , over time, discussed particular scenarios, for example, extraction, replacement, root canal, filling as well as the importance of daily dental hygiene and long-term dental care's contribution in overall health.
I am so appreciative of her knowledge, her relaxed and skillful approach to me, as a client, to help me understand benefits and results of treatment. Furthermore, I realize the responsibility of me, as a client, to ask questions, define my needs as Dr M and I work together toward beneficial results. Her staff is well-trained and personable, always gracious and welcoming. Thank you Dr M and staff!

Thea Crossley 2012

I am very pleased with the crown that Dr. Mooradian did in my mouth. Felt no discomfort whatsoever, like nothing ever happened. I am so happy!

Caroline Dangzalan 2012

I was scared to death of dentists, always had a bad experience at the dental office, until I met Dr. Mooradian. Her gentle touch, skilled hands, and calm demeanor, made it so easy to go to the dentist that I actually looked forward to getting my work done with her. And there is plenty more that needs to be done. Thank you Dr. Mooradian!

Eric Hollings 2012

Wow no pain whatsoever, first time for a dentist! Great dental experience, just had three tooth colored fillings placed. Love Dr. Mooradian!

Maria Evangelatou 2012

Best dentist ever!! I am so pleased to have found Dr. Mooradian, she is so down to earth and very sincere. Her dental work is beautiful, great color match with my front teeth. Even her cleanings are better than any hygienist I've ever been to. I can honestly say that she is worth every penny and highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Sara Anderson 2012

I am so greatful to have Dr. Mooradian as my dentist because she is so good at what she does. She is incredibly gentle and very gifted hands. I am 92 years old and have seen a lot of dentists before her and I can honestly say she is the best!

Betty Richmond 2012

I'm so happy with the work that Dr. Mooradian did on all of my front teeth. I was missing a tooth and had numerous cavities. Dr. Mooradian fixed all of my teeth with no pain involved, her quality is great and she's so affordable. Before going to her I went to Dientes, which is supposed to be geared for low income patients for an estimate....they quoted me $9000 to do all of the work. Dr. Mooradian fixed everything for one third the cost with the Deltacare plan that I purchased online. My wife will be going to her as well. We are just so thrilled to finally get our teeth fixed and be able to afford it thanx to Dr. Mooradian!

David Brown 2012

She's really good.....no pain at all! I refer all my family and friends to her.

Gloria Roper 2012

My family has been seeing this dentist for years now and we've never had any problems with her or her work.
She loves animals like most of Santa Cruz....you can take your dogs anywhere here why not to work? She is always nice to us and always asks how we are doing. When we are getting our work done, I don't get numb easily, so I'm one of those pain in the ass patients that you really need patience with. She's good with my kids that are also afraid of the dentist, not because of her, just generally after having to see me need a root canal and I had severe pain, but I do much better now. I just had two crowns done and the insurance only covered silver metal crowns, but after she was done and went to show me them, they were white ones. She didn't charge me the $300 that I couldnt afford to pay, so that proves she has a big heart and she is a nice person. Me and my daughter also like her assistant, we get along well with her, she has a nice sense of humor which you have to have dealing with all kinds of different people all day long. My husband has had a ton of work done with her because he has bad teeth that run in his family, and it has all been good, no problems. And for anyone who says she's mean, think about it. We all have our days right? Thank you Katrina, Gilbert and the kids.

Katrina Maciel 2012

I had a crown done several months ago by Dr. Mooradian. Best crown ever made in my mouth! Ususally I get a lot of soreness after the crown is placed. This time didn't feel a thing, just like my own teeth!

Tom Rollins 2012

I'm really happy with Dr. Mooradian's work. She's replacing all of my old silver fillings with crowns and white fillings. They look really, really good.....I show all of my friends. I can't wait to finish all of the work with her. I travel all the way from Twain Harte, near Yosemite, to see Dr. Mooradian.

Pam Holly 2012

I could finally chew on my denture without it falling out of my mouth thanks to Dr. Mooradian. She repaired my old denture and made it like brand new. Not only did she reline the denture to make it fit more tightly, but she also replaced the worn out teeth. I am so happy I found Dr. Mooradian, she does exceptional work and my denture never felt better.

Jannette Pielage 2012

The Bridge Dr. Mooradian did on my left back molars feels great! Thank you so much. Now I have to remind myself that I can chew on that side of my mouth again :) Dr. Mooradian is the best and I truly appreciate all of her help. I can't wait for her to fix the right side of my mouth next year when my insurance starts all over again.

Sheena Layne 2012

I wish to thank Dr. Mooradian for her expertise in saving my teeth the past twelve years. I am 85 now and have been to many dentists in my life time and Dr. Mooradian is the best of them all. I also admire how she's able to operate and maintain her dental office all by herself, that alone is quite an accomplishment these days.

Ron Winiker 2012

I have been a patient of Dr. Mooradian's since 2005. She is by far the very best dentist I have ever seen. Shortly after my husband, who was also her patient, passed away in 2010, I saw her for a crown. She was so kind, compassionate and caring to me. I wasn't sure I would be able to tolerate the procedure, but Dr. Mooradian made it possible. I highly recommend Dr. Mooradian to anyone.

Evan Field 2012

I was very impressed with the work done, and have not had better service anywhere else I have had dental work done. Dr. Mooradian is very efficient and accurate about everything she does. This dentist has helped me have a healthier mouth, and has a great work ethic. I am very pleased with the work done and will be returning very soon. The dental assistant is also very efficient and gets the job done well. This is so important, and loved her attitude. I would refer Dr. Mooradian to my family, close friends, and anyone that needs any kind of dental work done. she does a phenomenal job!

Lucia Magno 2012

She is the best dentist I've ever been to, and my family and friends feel the same way. She did three crowns with such great precision with her small hands, and did them faster and better than the last dentist did in the same amount of time it took him to do one crown. Her staff is always pleasant. I highly recommend her.

Mark Matovich 2012

Dear dentist, thank you for filling my cavities and making sure my teeth are clean. Even though I am only 9 years old, I appreciate how you also make sure that when you are filling my cavities you made sure I did not get hurt. Like the first time I came you told me "Just raise your hand if you feel pain". That was alot of help! Dentists are awesome. P.S. I like your furniture.

Camille Gamboa 2012

Thank you SOOO very much Dr. Mooradian for helping me today!! You have no idea what a life savor you are and what a difference you made. Words truly cannot express the gratitude I have with your kindness and in what you gave me. When everything else is falling apart for me, you are the one light that came shining through, put a smile on my face, gave me hope and lifted my spirits. You truly made a HUGE difference and impact in a grown woman's life and believe it or not gave me my dignity back. People like you are few and far between.....you are one in a million!!!

Donna Houlihan 2013

First time ever that I did not have sweaty palms! Dr. Mooradian just did a wonderful job replacing an old silver filling with a white one. Never felt the shot or any pain whatsoever. She also gave me an incredible cash discount. Thank you very much Dr. Mooradian.

Debra Hubert 2013

I love my new crown that Dr. Mooradian did on my front tooth! I'm very happy, it matches perfectly to my other teeth, I can't even tell its there. Thank you Dr. Mooradian for doing a great job!

Deborah Molea 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Mooradian's since 5 years of age. At seventeen, I have now been accepted to a seven year program to be become a dentist. Dr. Mooradian has been my inspiration and role model. She allowed me to shadow her for the last few weeks, Watching her, I learned so much. I cannot thank Dr. Mooradian enough for giving me the opportunity to observe her while working.

Tara Vattadi 2013

I love my new denture that replaced my missing front tooth. I've got the best dentist in Santa Cruz County!!!

Harry Simonian 2013

Excellent dentist! Very professional. She makes sure that her assistant's are doing their job correctly. She is very patient during the procedure and won't give up until the patient is satisfied. I went there to put a crown and she made it fit so perfectly that it feels exactly the same as before. She was very patient adjusting it. Best dentist I ever went to.

Marco Periera 2013

Dr. Mooradian and her team are awesome. They have such a gentle touch. I never feel any pain and I'm never stressed about going to the Dentist! She's the best. Thanks Team!

Theresa French 2013

Excellent job on my front brigde Dr. Mooradian! I'm definitely impressed and will highly recommend you to all my friends!

Nick Anderson 2013

Thank you Dr. Mooradian from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work, extra effort and for your persistency with the lab. I appreciate you more than you know. I look forward to our continued dental visits!

Jenelle Camacho 2013

I was so happy to get all of my fillings done (all nine of them) in one visit. I'm very appreciative of Dr. Mooradian fixing all the cavities that I had....with no discomfort whatsoever. I normally don't like dentists, but I like Dr. Mooradian. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Brandon Ward 2013

Dr. Mooradian was recommended through a friend. Tired of driving two hours for a teeth cleaning four times a year, I found a dentist closer to my location. Dr. Mooradian has been great! She has the nicest office staff and they are extremely friendly and down to earth. I always have a great visit, and they take great care of my teeth!

Alison Kruisbrink 2013

Thank you so much Dr. Mooradian for all the work that you did. Everybody commented on how good my front teeth look. I feel less self-conscience now about my smile and more confident. I am very happy with the work you did. Thank you again so much!!

Deborah Davies 2013

What an awesome temporary crown you made!!! The three crowns that you did on the upper right side of my face fit perfectly, never even knew they were there. Thank You, you're a terrific dentist!

Miro Bouchakian 2013

It's so awesome that Dr. Mooradian can fit me into her schedule to do the crown I so badly need for only $500. Dientes which is a low cost clinic, charges the same amount for a cash patient with no insurance, except the wait time is three months to get in. Dr. Mooradian took me in immediately and did a great job!

Eric Gonzales 2014

The reason I like Dr. Mooradian so much is because she actually has a two-way conversation with you. She was highly recommended by a friend, and I'm glad I found her. Most dentists just talk the entire time, presenting some long and unnecessary treatment plan that is very expensive. Not Dr. Mooradian. She makes her dental treatment affordable, and accessible. She answers all of your questions and concerns. She gives great feedback on what to expect after the treatment as well. She also leaves her personal cell phone number for patients if they are having a dental emergency. I can't say enough good things about my patient-doctor relationship with her. She is the best, and I will never go anywhere else.

Crystal Tanaka 2014

I just returned from Dr. Mooradian's office where I had my teeth cleaned. They had me in the chair 5 minutes before my scheduled time. I was surprised when Dr. Mooradian did the cleaning herself, and actually seemed happy to do it. Her assistant did the flossing and polishing. Everything went well, it took an hour. Relative to the pain, the cleaning hurt time to time but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary from the pain I've had with any other dentist or hygienist. My experience is if it doesn't hurt and bleed a little when your teeth are cleaned, it means the dentist or hygienist isn't getting far enough under the gum line to really clean things out. She was kind to her staff. Dr. Mooradian does speak her mind and if she thinks I'm not doing a good job flossing or otherwise taking care of the many old silver fillings in my mouth she tells me, and I expect her to tell me. I requested to have Dr. Mooradian do my follow-up cleaning in six months and declined to be placed on her hygienist's schedule.

John Eicholz 2014

The crown Dr. Mooradian did on my molar feels so good! So much better than before. Now I could floss again....it feels great!

Linda Navarini 2014

This is the best dental experience I've had by far. She and her staff are very professional and friendly, but most importantly to me, they are very highly skilled. Go see her.

Francis Lucas 2014

I love you, I love you, I love you Dr. Mooradian! Thank you for fixing my front tooth. I could finally smile again!

Elvia Sandoval 2014

My dentist Gayane Mooradian has restored my trust and taken my fear of going to the dentist away. i've been a patient of hers for ten years and its been a great experience. When she gives me advice i trust her with my life. She is also very pretty, that helps with any fear issue. Her help is always nice and professional. I always look froward to coming back. She does my cleanings every four months, and I request her exclusively. Thank you for being you Dr. Mooradian.

Steve Liebenberg 2014

Thank You Dr. Mooradian! You did a great job at pulling my tooth out. When the novocaine wore off, I felt no pain whatsoever. Thanx again.

Paul Dellasantina 2014

I am very blessed to come your way, finding you in the yellow pages. You have been so helpful and recommended the Costco plan to save me money. You also talk to patients over the phone which is so rare these days. Thank you for being my dentist Dr. Mooradian!

James Hodge 2014

Dr. Mooradian you did an excellent job on my crown! No pain whatsoever. Thank You!!

Jon Reed 2014

Wow that's the fastest and most painless filling ever placed by a dentist on my front tooth. The color matched perfectly.I'm totally impressed with Dr. Mooradian. Even her method of cleaning was better using the water jet and scraper at the same time. My teeth feel cleaner than ever before.

Katherine Goodwin 2014

Thank You for the wonderful job you did on my mouth Dr. Mooradian! I do appreciate your diligence and experience with the crowns that you did on my front teeth. Everything is working really well. Thanks again for doing a superjob in my mouth. You have made a big difference in how I feel about myself.

Ted Gallagher 2014

Your crowns fit so beautifully! Before I came here I had nothing but problems with other dentist's work. Not with Dr. Mooradian. She is the best!

Barbara Shelley 2014

Thank You so much Dr. Mooradian. You do wonderful work. My whole mouth feels better than it has in years. Thanks again!

Esther Ruiz 2014

I drive from Fremont to have work done by Dr. Mooradian. I have been to many and TRUST Dr. M as she is straight forward and absolutely honest with me about the work that was needed. This dentist has saved several teeth that other dentists gave up on. So if you want an honest dentist who will not BS you into something you do not need, please contact her office. Trust me when I say its worth it.

Michelle Jackson 2014

I've been a patient of Dr. Mooradian's for over six years. I am an extreme dentalphobe and minimalist when it comes to my teeth. She finally convinced me to replace my upper front bridge, because of the black lines showing at the gum line. She removed the old bridge that was placed over thirty years ago by another dentist, and replaced it with a beautiful new bridge. The color match is perfect, no dark lines, and it looks better than my original teeth. I don't know why I waited so long to get the work done, but I am so happy now. I can't stop smiling. Thank you Dr. Mooradian for the excellent job on my teeth!

Robert Boring 2015

I'm a new patient and have been so happy with my experience at Dr Mooradian's office. Everyone from Dr Mooradian to the Assistants and Hygienist are great. Dr Mooradian is gentle and efficient. My crown fits perfect I definitely recommend them.

Suzi Beard 2015

My new crowns feel great! Very happy with Dr. Mooradian's work. She also did an excellent job replacing the old silver fillings with white ones. My mouth looks great and feels great. And she also gave me a huge cash discount. Thanks again!

Jove Shapiro 2015

I'm very happy with my new crown Dr. Mooradian. No pain whatsoever. I suffer from severe dentalphobia, so it means a lot to me that you can even get the work done. Thank You for calming my fears!

Megan Karlstron 2015

My teeth are perfect, the bite's perfect. I am feeling amazing today, after my dental visit yesterday. Thank you Dr. Mooradian for all the wonderful tooth-colored fillings you placed in my mouth, replacing the old silver ugly ones. As a single mom, supporting my two daughters, you are so helpful and kind. You do great work. I know how difficult it is to adjust my bite, since I am a grinder. But, somehow you got it spot on. My teeth feel perfect!

Lisa Molina 2015

I am so grateful that Dr. Mooradian takes the Deltacare plan, and I don't have to go to the alternative...Western Dental. She does great work at affordable prices. I feel so lucky that I can get all of my dental work done here. She has been doing several crowns on me, one by one, at my own rate. Since I am an elderly woman on social security supporting myself, I space them out and pay as I go. You can't get cheaper prices in Santa Cruz. I've done the research , and paid the overly-inflated prices elsewhere. But what strikes me the most is the quality of her work. It is better than other dentists work for a fraction of the cost. Thank You Dr. Mooradian!!!

Wilma Burchell 2015

Dr. Mooradian has been my dentist on and off for the last seven years. I am getting close to moving out of town in several months, so its real important to me to use my Deltacare insurance to finish all the work needed, because I will be retiring soon and will lose my insurance. I couldn't think of a better dentist to do all of my work. She has finished several crowns, and needs to do a few more. I love her work. Her crowns fit perfectly. I am so grateful she takes this Deltacare plan, and keeps her costs affordable. I can never thank her enough!

Kelly Olsen 2015

I have never been to a dentist who was able to make my visit as comfortable as Dr. Mooradian did. I feel she treats each patient as she would family. She also has a perfectionist's eye and pays attention to fine detail. My new all ceramic bridge fits amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Mooradian

Dori Vance 2015

That was the best dental experience I've ever had! I usually hate the dentist and needles, but Dr. Mooradian got right in there and knew what she needed to do. The staff was also very professional.

Charles Dias 2015

I've been a patient of Dr. Mooradian since 2003. She cleans my teeth every six months and checks my x-rays. She's the best. I drive 30 minutes to see her, even though there are closer dentists near the summit where i live. She is worth the travel, and I highly recommend her to all of my co-workers.

Donald Navarini 2015

I'm 94 years old. Dr. Mooradian has been taking care of my teeth for the last 14 years. She is always quick to see me I'm having a toothache, or need some false teeth to chew with. She has been great for both me and my husband Quincy. We will not go anywhere else.

Dollie Halbrook 2015

Wow its so good to be out of pain finally! My tooth was killing me for the last three weeks. Dr. Mooradian pulled it out today with such ease, not like the last dentist that struggled. I'm very impressed with her and felt no pain whatsoever.

Robert Klopp 2015

I give Dr. Mooradian 5 stars! I'd give her six if I can. Excellent job cleaning my teeth. I will be back every 3 months to have follow up cleanings, and request the doctor to do them.

Silas Wu 2015

Dr. Mooradian is such a perfectionist, such a rare find these days. She takes her time to measure the crowns, and fit them expertly. Other dental offices have the assistant make the temporary crowns. Dr. Mooradian makes them herself, and they fit perfectly, just like my natural teeth. I am so blessed to have found her, and greatful she has taken over my dental care. I trust her completely.

Shari Davis 2015

Thanks Dr. Mooradian and ladies for all the integrity and all the hard work!! The partial denture mouthpiece is amazing - fits great! I'll be looking forward to doing more crowns in the future.

Tammy Newhall 2015

I'm very happy with the fillings Dr. Mooradian replaced at my gumline. She made them look so natural and real. All of my friends noticed. Today Dr. Mooradian also cleaned my teeth. I am usually very afraid of the dentist, but I feel so comfortable with her. I will not go anywere else. People need to know the positives about her, how she saves people money by taking an insurance that other dentists won't accept, and stop being so negative.

Laurie Danels 2016

Thank You for all the work you did in my mouth. The crowns feel great! It's the best my teeth have felt in a long time. I will be referring patient's to you.

Kristen Erickson 2016

Thanks for the gentle care and all the beautiful dental work you did in my mouth. I grew up with females and appreciate such a strong female dentist such as Dr. Mooradian. She really knows her stuff, and doesn't take much crap from anybody.

Ron Root 2016

Endless thanks to you and your entire crew here. Dr. Mooradian thank you for taking such good care of my partner, and being a Delta Dental office we can trust and rely on. We are very grateful!

Lesley Miller and Sean Drury 2016

Oh thank you for the beautiful dentures you made me Dr. Mooradian. Everywhere I go, people compliment me on my new smile. It's been so long since I've had teeth to smile with. I feel so blessed. I tell everyone about Dr. Mooradian, refer all my friends. She is so matter of fact and to the point. I love that about her.

Deborah Thompson 2016

Been very happy with Dr. Mooradian's work. She replaced a bunch of old silver fillings with crowns on my back molars. They feel great. Never had a single problem. She does good work.

Vaughn Parsons 2016

I've been very fortunate to have Dr. Mooradian as my dentist. Deltacare assigned me to her office and I couldn't be happier. She has done several crowns, extractions, dentures and cleanings. She takes her time describing the services needed. She takes good care of me, couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Jane Gallagher 2016

So glad I found Dr. Mooradian. She's replaced many old silver fillings with crowns. She does an exceptional job. Never caused me any pain, just good thorough work. I look forward to doing more work next year when my insurance kicks in again.

Frances Lucas 2016

Best crown in my mouth was the one Dr. Mooradian did. Fit was perfect, bite was perfect, never gave me any problems or pain. I highly recommend her to all my friends.

Charles Diaz 2018

I have just recently regained dental insurance after being unemployed for 1 1/2 years. I was a new patient for Dr. Mooradian and a little apprehensive at first. Three month and 4 crowns later, I am very happy with her and pleased to give a review of her work. She is an absolute artist at crowns. I have never experienced such a great fit and bite before. She is very down to earth and so is her staff.

Terry Reese 2017

As a business man it s very hard Togo an get my teeth worked on . So I was kind of miserable for weeks with a broken bridge so this angel of a doctor made it possible for me to get it repaired . The professional and respect was awesome first time I felt at ease in a dentist chair . This is a dentist that takes her practise serious

Perry Ralston 2017

Best dental experience me and my children have had. Dr. Mooradian was very professional and informative as was her staff. My daughter has seen numerous dentists (she has dental issues) and does not like going to dental appointments. I took her to Dr. Mooradian's for an exam and treatment, she left Dr. Mooradian's office with a smile on her face, that's a first. As for myself I had issues with my front teeth, Dr. Mooradian did a beautiful job, she gave me a beautiful smile.The work Dr. Mooradian done on my daughter and myself was the best work we've had done by far! I have since recommended my family, friends and co-workers. If you want beautiful, affordable dental work go see Dr. Mooradian.

Sabrina Barrera 2017

I'm only twelve years old and very scared of the dentist. Dr. Mooradian got me through four dental visits, very patient and very nice. She's the best dentist ever!

Vincent Frandeen 2018

My old dentist cost four times as much and Dr Mooradian is fantastic. Never any waiting, personal experience that makes you feel like family. I am so happy and feel I have finally found a dentist for life. She's a gem and very affordable. 5 star treatment, highly recommend ! Cleanings were 1/3 the price of Ebrahemian Integrated dentisty, my old dentist and more importantly the quality and time spent on cleanings have been far far better. How costs can be so different I have no idea, but with dental insurance rare these days and I pay out of pocket it's very important to get value and better quality is a huge bonus. I have been reffering all my friends and family to Dr. Mooradian!!!!

London Matthews 2018

Excellent service and friendly staff! Dr. Mooradian is a dentist who knows her craft and takes pride in doing her best. Always quality care and quality work done. I've had a bridge and a crown done by Dr. Mooradian and believe me, compared to work I've had done in the past, she is far superior. 5 stars!!

Dori Vance 2018

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